Welcome beautiful souls, with hope you are seeing this in Peace and Joy

Who is Lizard?

“Some say she’s a flower child, others say she has a gypsy soul, but I say I really don’t know, I’m just happy”
It didn't start with Lizard. It started with Wizzie, then Wiz, followed by a series of names with no particular order that are as follows: Lizzie, Liz, Lizzie Bird, Za, Lizanna, and even Díenéba. 

The full name is Elizabeth Anna Buttram, but most she interacts with these days call her Lizard.

Photographic evidence of why Lizard seems to be a fitting alias

But who is 🦎 beyond the name?

She’s a nemophilist, traveler, free spirit, old soul, bird whisperer, musician, tree hugger, book worm, backpacker, climber, volunteer, van lifer, environmentalist… She is many, many things.

She was a Peace Corps Volunteer…

“I have this tattoo on my shoulder, it says Nemophilist. I get this question asked to me often “What’s that mean? Oh, tell me please.” It means I grew up in the forest, that Mother Nature was my playground. It means I’m most in peace when I’m outside with dirt on my feet and leaves in my hair.”

Why the “was”?

Because 6 months into her service, living in Senegal, West Africa, the global epidemic caused Peace Corps Volunteers worldwide to be evacuated and sent back stateside…

And that’s where she’ll be picking up from to tell her story on this platform.

“feet were bare most of the day, light of her heart guided the way”

If you stick around, you’ll find yourself following along with an exciting journey. You’ll emerse your mind in the Casamance River in Sub-Sarahan West Africa, where water came from deep wells and hot tea was constantly served on equally hot days. You’ll journey in a camper truck with two foolish love birds traveling the country together. You might find yourself reading stories of the rainforest and fer de lance snakes in Costa Rica. Maybe you’ll be taken on a journey of what life on the road is like, from the places you end up to the people that stumble into your life. It might even lead to a daring hike bare footed across Spain, on the Camino De Santiago.

This blog is her journey; raw, real, full of incredible highs and heart-wrenching lows.
“She’s a forest spirit who sings for the trees”

Perhaps you’ll follow along on this mysterious, incredible trip that could be called Lizard’s life. If you do, it is with hope you’ll find yourself able and happy to support her along her travels, keeping her adventures alive, and likewise, your thrilling reading material thriving.

With all the love, joy, peace, and light she can offer,


How to support her journey? 🙏🏼

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