A Short Description – Franklin House

After quarantine, I moved into Franklin House, built in 1804 with original intention to serve as room for weary travelers, equipt with stables for horses to stay in too.

What a trip…

To my absolute astonishment, I have no pictures of Franklin House! So instead, here’s the box of fresh veggies that was made for Franklin House. Feast your eyes!

Franklin House was beautiful, sitting on the outskirts of Camphill, a mile and a half from the village garden and a mile from the village center. Franklin was 4 stories, basement included, and made with large, brown stonework and red window seals. Almost every room in the house has a built in fire place and white painted walls.

A beautiful sunset enjoyed from the glass house.

One of my absolute favorite parts of Franklin House was the glass house located in the yard, overlooking the pastures… M&M built the glass house out of antique glass windows and lot of love. It was strung in lights, with only the most unique and sweet decorations swinging within its see-through walls. I spent a lot of time there, watching the sunsets and lightning bugs, playing ukulele, singing, reading, and spending time with the sweet and perfect friends that would make the journey out to see me.

Franklin House was chosen to be the house that villagers (people with disabilities, to refresh your memory) struggling with weight issues (on either end of the spectrum) would live in. It simultaneously could only be for high functioning villagers because of the independence factor of being farther away, meaning more foot and/or bike travel, and therefore inadvertently having more solitude.

At Franklin House, which by comparison to the rest of the village was considered a smaller house size, there were 6 people living there: M&M (the house holders), V (a fellow short-term volunteer), A, C, and D (3 villagers). After V left, another short-term volunteer came, G.

*** using initials as to not totally give away identities…

I have only beautiful things to say about these people. The impact they had on my life was monumental. My house-holders had one of the sweetest love stories I had ever heard – though it isn’t mine to tell here. M&M were a beautiful combination of tough and sweet, rigid and understanding, comical and serious. It was beautiful getting to know them, both together and separately.

V was one of the toughest, most resilient people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. The more her story unfolded to me, the more admiration I developed for her.

Beautiful ascetics of Franklin House!

A was very mechanically inclined and independent, loving to work on machines and build things in his free time. He had a lot of catch phrases too, and sometimes I still find myself repeating them, with only the highest amount admiration and love.

C… What can I say about C? I try not to play favorites… But if I had to pick one, it would be C, haha. She’s a phenomenal human, being gentle, sweet, genuine, and a lover of all things pink. She opened my eyes to a lot of fundamental things about life. She holds a special place in my heart.

Oh the mischievous D – she had such a quirky sense of humor and quite a big personality. I loved spending time with her, and found myself surprised several times at how crafty she truly was.

G and I shared some deep, tear-filled laughs together, as well as late night cookies. We didn’t share space for too long, but I’m grateful for the time we did have together.

Quiet evenings spent in the sitting room, by twinkle lights, chaco tan lines included.

How could I have almost forgotten one of the most important individuals living at Franklin House?

Franklin the red eared slider (turtle)!

He would make this move quite a lot, putting his little hands in front of his head and vibrating them furiously. I thought he was flirting until I looked it up and found out it’s actually a display of dominance and aggression (oops).

Like the description said, this is a short one.

With Light and Love,


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