The Red Rocks

As you might imagine, the first days back stateside after being in the Costa Rican rainforest for a month were shocking – especially flying into Las Vegas and doing camper truck life in the Mojave Desert. However, that’s not to say it wasn’t perfect and beautiful in its own unique way.

Not one full day had passed before talk of going separate ways arose.

We found ourselves attracted to different things: D loves the snow and cold and I prefer the hot and humid.

But we stuck to it and in a flash we had spent weeks in the Red Rocks exploring, climbing, and having fun.

The best feature of Vegas in my opinion – haha so in other words, not the city itself but the surrounding land.

We took one day to revel on the strip of Las Vegas, gambling in casinos, visiting the largest dispensary in the world, and finally ending our evening eating vegan sushi and laughing a lot.

Climbing quickly became one of the most exciting and beautiful outdoor activities I’ve ever partook in. I fell in love with climbing and have deep, unending gratitude to D for teaching me how to climb, and having so much unending patience and encouragement for me during the process.

I, up to this point in my life, had spent very minimal time out in the western states (<2 weeks cumulatively). I developed such a deep appreciation for the beauty of the Mojave Desert, the rigidness of the landscape, the brutality of the vegetation in order to survive, the unique bird species present… All of it, it was amazing and wonderful, and such a shock compared to the rainforest.

With Love and Light,


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