Bisbee, Arizona

Although it was backtracking east, I was recommended by so many people to go to Bisbee, AZ that I had to go!

Multiple unrelated people in Patagonia, as well as one random person in Tuscon, told me about Bisbee, saying I'd love it and should definitely go! So... I did.
Bisbee is a quaint southwestern town as well that's mostly known for its historic district. As cute as it was, I wasn't particularly impressed. Most of the town was set up as a tourist trap to get $.

I had something incredible happen while I was there though. I mentioned in my Campanario blog that I had explored abandoned infrastructure in the rainforest. One of the abandoned buildings had a treasure chest of sorts that was full of old, moldy books. The first to be pulled out was called "The Cosmic Serpent - DNA and The Origins of Knowledge" - wow wow wow.
I couldn't have found a more perfect book that encapsulates so many of my interests and, simultaneously, life experiences. This is an older book, and from the impression I got, not well known.

Bisbee is full of endless stair cases leading up through the historic district.

So, after going to Bisbee, I asked my friend in Tuscon where he recommended me to go eat there, he suggested Café Cornucopia. I didn't take his advice, going to a tea shop instead. The Universe had other plans (as usual), and the tea shop was closed. 
I was wondering around in a thrift shop and asked the clerk where he suggested I go eat, he said Café Cornucopia, and then a random guy standing behind me that had overheard said that he recommended that place too!
So, 3 unrelated people telling me to go to the same café? Sure, I'll go. I showed up, ordered, went to the bathroom, came out, walked to my table and noticed a lady sitting directly behind me that was reading a book... What book was she reading? The Cosmic Serpent - DNA and The Origins of Knowledge.

My heart nearly leaped out of my chest as I impulsively approached her table and began telling her how amazing that book is. She seemed standoffish at first, but once she realized I was just excited about the book, she relaxed and became very friendly, telling me how she had quite literally just picked it up from the library and was debating taking it back, unsure if it was what she was looking for.
She asked me why I liked it so much and I was able to give her a lot of information about it, to the point that she thanked me and said she was going to keep reading it!


I was meant to be there at that specific time, to tell her about this book, to help her expand her mind and understand other people’s perspectives better. This story has more details about what made her pick that specific book up and such, but I’m going to leave that out, and just tell you:

i was meant to be there.

Whilst in Bisbee, I made moves to fulfill a long term goal of mine: I bought a guitar!

A perfect travel companion! 3/4 size and her name is Cort. Check the link out below to hear me playing a song I wrote 🙂

With Love and Light,


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