The Native American Church of God

Mt. Lemmon, Arizona – one of the most incredible places I have visited.

Mount Lemmon stole my heart.

an entire lifetime could be spent exploring this area.
I came here after Bisbee for a couple days.
I woke up to a turkey hanging out in my campsite.
I likewise woke up to food poisoning.
I booked a hotel room in Tucson to recover.

So, Friday morning (~12AM), I woke up to food poisoning, and spent Friday laid up in bed, recovering, and likewise, not eating.

Saturday I was better and drove 2-3 hours outside of Tucson into the desert to begin a 24 hour fast (which ended up being a 48 hour fast with my food poisoning experience) to prepare for my ceremony with Father Peyote.

A few weeks prior, I had reached out to the Native American Church of God to see if there were any openings for a Spirit Walk – a solo journey in the desert at a pre-setup camp site where one sits with Peyote medicine and journeys in the consciousness of the spirit realm to gain valuable insights.

i didn’t have extremely high hopes for this to work out, as my request was in short timing and they’re usually booked months in advance. well, 4-5 days prior to this adventure, they reached out to me and said they had a last minute opening for that weekend if i was around. That’s essentially the story behind how I joined the native american church of god and was able to participate in this sacred ceremony.

To clarify about the legality of this, joining the Native American Church of God is what makes ingesting the holy sacrament, Peyote, legal.

The long and beautiful road to get to the church.

I learned a lot of interesting facts about Peyote whilst there. Because of the war on drugs, Peyote populations are very low, with genetic variation between individual buttons being even lower. Peyote should be on the Endangered Species Act, but because the government sees this plant as a drug, they refuse to classify Peyote as threatened/endangered and are allowing vital habitat for this plant to diminish, giving this species no legal protection.

Peyote is slow growing and slow to reproduction, which means, it is very difficult to get populations back up once they’ve dropped to a critically low point. The Native American Church of God is helping to protect this plant from extinction, raising awareness of this issue, and likewise, allowing people of all races and backgrounds to experience the powerful medicinal properties that this species offers.

The owners of this church have dedicated literally their lives to the cause of Peyote and I find it admirable and inspiring. I made the comment to them that the Peyote was their babies (with some of the plants they’re caring for having been with them for 30 years), and they smiled and said “Well, really we are their babies”.

After 48 hours of fasting, I had an intense day/night of ground-locking truths and lessons as I sat with the medicine. Yet, still somehow, these lessons were soft and gentle.

i found myself emerged wiser than when i went in.

I left to recuperate and continue integrating lessons in the desert, driving back to the Tuscon area.

I experienced so many emotions that I simply had to sit with and allow to pass when they were ready. It was beautiful to allow myself to just BE.

Hard, but absolutely neccesary.

I had a rather quick visit to Petrified Forest National Park and then found myself in Flagstaff, Arizona, taking a few days to further integrate my time sitting with Peyote.

Flagstaff, Arizona.

With Love and Light,


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