In what felt like a heartbeat, I found myself in Sedona, Arizona again.

Slide Rock State Park – Sedona, AZ
It feels difficult to try and put all that I feel about Sedona into words.
Sedona is magical, full of energy vortexes, incredible creations by Mother Nature herself, and quite equally incredible humans.
I love nearly everything about Sedona.
Red rocks that one can imagine being castles are quite a common sight in Sedona.

I say “nearly everything” because the parking can be next to impossible sometimes – but that’s just part of it.

Blue skies, massive rock formations, and deep energetic vibrations.
I'm not the only one who loves Sedona so and because of that, parking can be hard to find and true seclusion in nature equally difficult to come by.
It's completely excusable in my mind though, as the people you meet are totally in love with nature too and generally/genuinely awesome.
I often times woke up to hot air balloons passing over my camping site.

I spent a day walking around the hippy-dippity town and decided to get my first psychic reading.

It’s amazing to me that these tough, spiky plants can have such sweet, delicate flowers attached to them.
It ended up being a Tarot reading instead - the Universe decided that's what I needed.
It was as if someone described a snapshot of everything happening in my life right at that moment.
It was beautiful.
Oak Creek, Sedona, Arizona (nice place to rinse off).

Part of the reading said that anything I wanted right then, the Universe would deliver nearly instantaneously. My reader told me that essentially, if I see a shooting star, I should actually make a wish because it would really come true.

Slide Rock State Park, Sedona, Arizona
He also reminded me to be careful what I wish for.
He cautioned that many wish for riches and gold without thought of how they would get it.
He said not to forget about how I would get my wish along the way.
It was over this stay in Sedona that I got my septum pierced!

That night, I saw a shooting star – and what I wished for came true within one day.

The beauty of Sedona is undeniable.
To avoid the chaotic weekend parking in Sedona, I went to Cottonwood, Arizona and visited the Tuzigoot National Monument and then the Tuzigoot River.
The river was the real beauty between the two.
After some synchronistic timing, I found myself in the Hippie Emporium, overhearing someone talking to the store owner about a cool van fest going on in Flagstaff, Arizona - about 1.5 hours from Cottonwood.
Part of the Tuzigoot National Monument.

Not wanting to interrupt them, I left and did some research, finding nothing about a van fest.

The Tuzigoot River.
And so, I waited for the guy in the parking lot and laughed nervously as I admitted I had been eavesdropping and wanted to know more about the van fest.
He gladly told me he owned a restaurant and sent a food truck up there to vend, saying it was a cool van fest going on for a few days longer and the name of it was Synchronicities.
Have I convinced you to visit Sedona yet? πŸ˜‰

That’s the beginning of an incredible, beautiful adventure touring with a DJ collective for a month and finding community along the way ❀

Happiness and joy beaming out like flood lights ❀
Synchronicities was located in the middle of the bushy desert lands just outside of Flagstaff.
After a few wrong turns, I began worrying about what I was doing there and if it were even safe to have come...
There were no signs, but I saw a white rag tied to a tree and took a leap of faith and followed it.
I found a trail of white rags that eventually led me to a sign saying "Welcome to Synchronicities".
A powerful reminder – and likewise, a comical reminder sense I was so nervous about not having seen any signs on the way in πŸ™‚

I knew immediately I had come to the right place, witnessing true desert hippy rats, covered in dirt, wearing beautiful, colorful, yet somehow still humble clothing, walking around in the blazing sun, smiles spread on every face, a pygmy marmoset riding on one person’s shoulder.

When she smiles, the Universe is beaming through her, reminding the rest of the world that life is beautiful and perfect.
Yes, I had come to the right place.
I found a camp spot and then began my exploration.
Within 5 minutes, I met A and ended up on an adventure to the top of a steep, desert hill nearby.
After a hilarious walk up, we watched a fantastic sunset with ravens dancing together in the sky.
We met lovely people, and the night continued in that pattern.
A and I at the end of the weekend, basking in the morning light.

Even though I had come alone, I never, not one time, felt alone.

Sun beams lighting the way along the path of life.
The weekend consisted of new friends, heavy base music, lots of dancing, laughs, adventures, and chill times sitting on top of abandoned desert buses.
I left not wanting that weekend to be over and knowing in my heart I had found IT.
I found the type of festival that resonated with me, more so than Bonnaroo ever did.
I had always heard that small festivals were the way to go, and I can now confirm that this is true.
Abandoned desert buses – I wasn’t joking!

With Love and Light,


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