Last Moments in AZ

My friends are actual Angels.

From Synchronicities, I was back down in Sedona, meeting more incredible people, visiting the energy vortexes, hiking, and even climbing with 2 new friends!

i would like to mention one of these new climbing friends was an older indian lady who was so inspiring, climbing barefooted and everything!

M, my quarantine friend from Camphill, and his partner, D (who I quickly became beautiful friends with as well), happened to be in Sedona at the same time as me!

What a synchronicity.

After a sweet ecstatic dance, A and I were back together and halfway to Flagstaff attending a small bonfire for S (the person who actually made the Synchronicities renegade fest).

From there, I met back up with M&D for a fun time at Slide Rock State Park where I met more new friends, one of them being a girl named A who was moving to Big Sur, CA and invited me to come see her if I was ever in the area!

Over the next few days the spirit of exploration ensued and I found myself finally knotting in dreads that had been free forming on my head for the past 5 months!

Then my time in Sedona came to a close as I once again found myself in Flagstaff, meeting more new and perfect friends who I invited along with me to another renegade festival that EB was throwing. EB is the DJ collective group I was beginning my unexpected journey of touring with!

These signs crack me up! Haha this one was on the way into the tree house renegade EB was throwing in Flagstaff.

I met so many fantastic people through these renegades. Given I’m using initials to help protect identities (mostly just feeling lazy about asking people permission to use their actual names honestly), it wouldn’t make much sense or give any real ideas of who these people were and why they were so special.

just know that these renegades were full of incredible people that i hold immense gratitude and appreciation for.

A little on EB: their mission/goal is to throw renegades with intention of community, coming together in positive energy, and leaving the land better than they found it.

D was part of this group and we quickly became close, finding ourselves in each other’s company a lot over that weekend.

The tree house renegade was beautiful, wooded, and cold. Much of our time was spent around the campfire, even in the day time. Lots of forest explorations for crystals and new friends.

This part of the forest thinned out to a small field and was absolutely glorious in the sunset.

This was my last bit of time in Arizona, as directly after this renegade weekend, I left for California, where I ended up being over the next… Wow, 4 or so months!

With Love and Light,


I began making this blog with hopes of bringing in some income, as living on the road and doing this life style isn’t free – free love, just not free $$ (as much as I would like for it to be)… It feels good to share my stories, but I need support to keep going! Making this blog has basically become my job. Here’s some details on how you might contribute, if you find it in your heart to do so:

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