Los Angeles – Short&Simple

At the pier in Santa Monica! My first ever sea lion sighting!

I spent the following week in LA, visiting friends and taking care of small Henry projects!

On the way to LA, Henry actually broke down! I was able to make it to a gas station where a gentleman in his car stopped & asked if I needed help. I took one look at him & decided he wouldn’t be able to help me. Why did I think this? Because of his physical, seemingly red neck appearance. He was an older guy, missing his front teeth, shirtless, with oddly dispersed tattoos everywhere, & a chihuahua in his lap that was growling at me. But, nonetheless, he came to take a look. Within 2 minutes, he located and fixed the issue, and Henry was running good as new! I realized how judgmental I had been towards him, and was surprised at myself, as I generally regard myself as a non-judgmental person. This was a powerful lesson to me – we are always growing & evolving & we should always hold ourselves accountable & witness ourselves. Note to self: trust the red necks next time!

My fellow wildlife-intrigued Peace Corps volunteer, A! AKA one of my favorite people from service 🙂

A showed me around Santa Monica, his hometown, and the next day we took a trip to Channel Islands National Park, making it out to Santa Cruz Island where we saw lots of cool birds, reptiles, and the Santa Cruz Island Fox!

These little locally endemic island foxes were the size of house cats fully grown and SUPER cute. Also, as you can see, relatively friendly, coming closer to people in hopes to scavenge human food.

I was likewise super thankful to meet up with J, a friend I met nearly 3 years earlier very briefly at Bonnaroo! It was really cool to have the connection in tact, considering how shortly we met each other and how long it had been! We had a nice time exploring China Town together and eating ramen bowls!

I really appreciated exploring the city through the eyes of local friends.

the city life is very difficult for a lizard though, and i found myself glad to get out of there and back to nature.
One of my Henry projects was to simply make the space more livable and home-like, and for me that meant adding curtains!

With Love and Light,


Here’s a way you can help me continue to travel and visit friends like this – also stow away $ incase of Henry break downs in the future 🙂

  • Paypal: buttramelizabeth@gmail.com
  • CashApp: $elizabethbuttram
  • Venmo: @elizabeth-buttram-1

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