Next Stop: The Giant Forest

Leaving J-Tree, I headed towards the Sequoia National Forest.
I ended up on a lake out in the midst of sandy terrain.
It was SO lovely.
I uncontrollably laughed and howled, overjoyed by the beauty.
I played guitar and sang, overflowing with gratitude.

Then I found myself in King's Canyon National Park/Forest.
I found a perfect campsite and once again, was overjoyed, howling and laughing at my luck.
A day or 3 hanging out with the big trees, hugging them, being amazed by them.
Majestic selfies I give credit to the wind, lake, and sunset for.

I spent a few days with D and his lovely doggo here too.

in the company of the big trees and eachother, it was lovely.

Me: “Will you marry me? I love you. Thank you for existing.”

& I was off again, up towards Yosemite, the forest continually amazing me.


This time of year, reservations are needed to enter Yosemite. I didn’t know that before arriving and wasn’t able to go into the park. However, this bloomed into a beautiful opportunity to explore the national forest there instead, which is basically a hidden treasure of the park itself ❤ Absolutely beautiful and I was able to develop a deeper relationship with the tree giants this way.

With Love and Light,


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