Pinnacles National Park >>> Santa Cruz

Natural Rock Beauty.

Off to Pinnacles N.P. I went, finding the time there rich in adventure. A one mile hike turning into an 8 mile hike in order to see the California Condors (worth it and successful!).

Two fun facts: #1) California Condors were on the verge of extinction due to the pesticide DDT causing the membranes of their egg shells to thin, and therefore, not be able to properly develop and hatch. Rachel Carson discovered this, and because of her, California Condors (and brown pelicans) are now regaining their populations and are no longer nearing extinction. #2) Pinnacles N.P. is the only national park in the country that has a public pool.

To walk into nature is to witness

a thousand miracles…

As I was leaving Pinnacles N.P., I had my first bobcat sighting! Luckily I was driving extremely slowly, taking in the beauty, when she (the bobcat) crossed the road in front of me. We both stopped and held eye contact for about 30 seconds before she continued on her way.

The expression of Nature is unfathomable.

I spent the following day in Santa Cruz, after an interesting and lovely camping location the previous night.

In Santa Cruz, I fulfilled a personal goal by playing guitar and singing Sweater Weather on a beach in California.
I was able to meet up with an old friend from Camphill in Santa Cruz too! So thankful for that. A neat experience of this day was also watching surfers for the first time in my life - what an intense water sport! 
Then it was time for the last circuit of the EB tour - the final renegade! It was so much fun.
The sunset as I drove to the renegade – beautiful!
This renegade I officially became friends with K&A - we had been, at this point, traveling to the renegades and seeing each other for the past 4 weekends. It was great to solidify our friendship and make plans to see each other very soon after that.
This was the first and only night of all the renegades that I stayed up until sunrise (it was beautiful).
K&A also held a vibration circle (sound bath) both at the beginning and end of the night - a perfect way to open and close the renegade.

These marbled rock pictures were all from Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz.

With All the Light and Love she can offer,


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