Big Sur

Through a dog’s eye perspective…

A final day in Santa Cruz yielded a beautiful beach hangout, complete with hammocks and sweet friends, ending with a fire bending show at a light house.

There are miniature forests existing within the regular forest, did you know?

Then D and I were off further south on the 101 to Big Sur.

It was so. incredibly. beautiful.

Pfeiffer Beach State Park, Big Sur, California

It was extraordinarily perfect timing to have became true friends with A&K – Big Sur holds a special place in their hearts and because of that, they sent me a bunch of pins to sacred locations.

D and I spent a couple days exploring the coast line and the forest – finding jade and serpentine in beach coves that were only accessible down steep drop offs, seeing whales breach and peregrine falcons (I was particularly keen on the falcons – this was a lifer species for me that I’ve been wanting to see for quite sometime).

As you can see, the descent into the jade cove was rather treacherous – luckily there were ropes to help you up and down.

Somehow, and not entirely surprising, I spent a rather substantial amount of time in Big Sur without my realization. Nearly 2 weeks altogether, some with D, but mostly on my own.

Alone or not, I’m a joyful


laughing all the time.

Well, not entirely on my own, remember my friend, A, who I mentioned I met in Sedona? Well, she moved to Big Sur for work and had told me I was welcome to come visit her and stay if I was ever in the area. So, that’s what I did.

The fog laid heavy over the coast for much of the time I was there. It made it feel so surreal, so much like a dream world. On the days that it cleared up, the feeling was so different, yet the beauty present for both clear and foggy days was undeniable.

It was amazing to be integrated into the community of Big Sur so quickly. I spent a couple of dope nights hanging out with A and a community of lovely humans.

I found myself in A’s kitchen cooking breakfast one morning while she was off at work, taking in supreme gratitude of her trust and generosity with me. We met over a month ago for ~30 minutes at most, and now after a day hanging out, I was alone in her house with a shower and kitchen access, so amazing.

Awe is the emotion of self-transcendence.

A is the person who taught me about the concept of “paying it forward” rather than “paying it back” – I really appreciate that.

It felt like hanging out with my sister in a way, as we were trading everything from stories, to clothes, to stones. It was so sweet.

Big Sur was incredibly beautiful and amazing – I am certain I will find my way back there one day.

Which path do you choose when there’s a fork in the road?

With Love and Light,


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