I feel so young, so immensely grateful for my cumulative life experiences, so over joyed.

I spent my birthday at Burney Falls, sitting next to a crystal clear pool of cold water with 2 garter snakes, tons of Stellar’s jays, and a butterfly who kept my foot and I company for 30+ minutes.

I hammocked, wrote songs, read, and burned tree sap incense. Shasta reinspired me to write my own music – something I hadn’t felt since Camphill.

A mild heartbreak made the day complete with a wide range of emotions, as D backed out of coming to see me, and we decided to end our romantic affiliations.

Oddly, this change prompted a new-found sense of freedom which honestly baffles me considering how free I was already feeling. That’s when I decided to hike the Camino de Santiago!

I unexpectedly spent a day at Iron Reservoir, where I was dearly reminded of Georgia, as it was wooded and the water was still and warm (much clearer than GA lake water though). Plus, men were cruising around on their boats with country music blaring.
I laughed, wondering if I had actually left the south or if this feeling was ever-present throughout the world.

After a few days in and around Redding, making a shelf for Henry (a comical and chaotic challenge) and finally seeing a rattlesnake (a northern pacific rattlesnake, to be specific – don’t worry, Mom, I was a safe distance away) – I was back in Shasta! I couldn’t stay away…

Redding delivered with the funny signs!

Back in Shasta I visited Castle Lake, a pristine alpine lake with cold, clear water.

I took a spontaneous barefooted hike on a trail I assumed led around Castle Lake – it didn’t. It actually took me to Heart Lake, an even smaller alpine lake that indeed is shaped like a heart. There’s 3 pools of water here, Heart Lake and Castle Lake included, that all resemble hearts. It’s magic.

I felt so much gratitude at Heart Lake, the view of Shasta and the surrounding lands was magical.

While I was there, I made a new friend named M. We swam, talked for hours, hiked a bit, watched the incredible view of Shasta become completely shrouded in smoke. We even got to see Sierra Newts swimming in Heart Lake! Such a perfect day.

The next day was perhaps even lovelier, as I sat with Iboga and Oil of Gold, hung out with my dear friend V, explored around Shasta, skinny dipped, healed, and cooked dinner in a real kitchen (a luxury these days).

Then I was back at the Yuba River, with non other than Santi and my friend, O!
The forest around the Yuba is so gorgeous.

We spent a couple absolutely lovely and funny days at the river, lounging on rocks naked, swimming, chatting, barefoot hiking…

it was perfect.
I LOVE THIS HUMAN!!! We had a super fun girly day at the river one day and did a naked photo shoot.

Just so you know... I was literally laughing out loud as I was blurring these photos over. SO SILLY but I didn't want to terribly offend or arouse anyone.

With Love and Light and a little Nudity,


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