Intentional Retreat @ Mount Shasta

A quick stop near South Lake Tahoe to spend some time with D and I was off to Mount Shasta, California for a 4-5 day long intentional retreat Santi and S were hosting. An intentional community event that everyone put a part into to make happen. It was beautiful and perfect. The way there wasContinue reading “Intentional Retreat @ Mount Shasta”

Pinnacles National Park >>> Santa Cruz

Off to Pinnacles N.P. I went, finding the time there rich in adventure. A one mile hike turning into an 8 mile hike in order to see the California Condors (worth it and successful!). Two fun facts: #1) California Condors were on the verge of extinction due to the pesticide DDT causing the membranes ofContinue reading “Pinnacles National Park >>> Santa Cruz”

Next Stop: The Giant Forest

Leaving J-Tree, I headed towards the Sequoia National Forest. I ended up on a lake out in the midst of sandy terrain. It was SO lovely. I uncontrollably laughed and howled, overjoyed by the beauty. I played guitar and sang, overflowing with gratitude. Then I found myself in King’s Canyon National Park/Forest. I found aContinue reading “Next Stop: The Giant Forest”

Last Moments in AZ

From Synchronicities, I was back down in Sedona, meeting more incredible people, visiting the energy vortexes, hiking, and even climbing with 2 new friends! i would like to mention one of these new climbing friends was an older indian lady who was so inspiring, climbing barefooted and everything! M, my quarantine friend from Camphill, andContinue reading “Last Moments in AZ”