Quarantine to Farming

The following 2.5 weeks were filled with emotions, 1st world country luxuries, and research.

I truly wasn't ready to be home, nor did I have desire to be. I began planning my departure nearly immediately after my arrival.

And so it was came to that I would go WWOOF (World Wide Organization of Organic Farming) in Patagonia, AZ; plane tickets were bought and everything.

But as it turns out, the Universe had other plans for me which, honestly, felt confusing/conflicting with consideration to this life-changing dream I had in Senegal where my lower-self/ego wanted to go to the tropics, while my higher-self asserted I needed to go to the desert.

The sudden cancelation happened 2-3 days before my flight and was caused by fear of COVID (and not from my end, to clarify).

Treasures from forest explorations with Sarah

Before the change, I had several farms reach out to me to come WWOOF; I had politely declined them, explaining I already had another farm lined up. 

I felt panicked and upset; I had been at Johnny and Sarah’s for nearly 2 weeks (the quarantine time frame) and as much as I love them and have deep gratitude for their hospitality, especially in such a short notice, I still didn’t want to be there…

I needed to go and have space to myself.

Continuing on, the farms I had politely declined I reached back out to re-explaining the situation as it developed.

And that’s how it happened that 2.5 weeks after arriving home I was on a plane to Philadelphia to live/work on Camphill Kimberton Hills in Kimberton, Pennsylvania for 3 months as an agricultural intern.

Orchards of Camphill

I was disappointed to not be going to Arizona but tried to cultivate excitement/enthusiasm for Pennsylvania. I wasn’t 100% successful but without a doubt, I was truly stoked once I arrived at Camphill and took in the beauty.

It was reminiscent of Ireland with lush, green, endless rolling hills and a historical disposition as some of the houses within the community were built in the 1800s. But at the same time, completely different.

Just incredible and truly, EXACTLY what I needed.

So lucky and blessed to have found this wonderland

Looking back on it, it was the polar opposite of Senegal, in EVERY way. Had I of gone to Patagonia, I would have experienced something very similar to Senegal, in that Patagonia is dry, bushy, and hot (although likewise magical and perfect).

Camphill changed my life and only in the absolute best ways possible.

Dandelion harvests for biodynamic composting practices from my first day in the field

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With love, light, and joy,


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2 thoughts on “Quarantine to Farming

  1. U can have an unexpected csection with a 1 .14oz baby, covid, a”rehab” mountain experience where you break bone and splinter the other in many many pieces hoping around for 10 weeks on a Walker, strange health symptoms, etc…… basically complete uncertainty! What do you do if you feel complete uncertainty?


    1. Complete uncertainty… Recently, I’ve been learning to surrender. Not surrender as in “give up” (there’s a different, even if subtle and/or a fine line), but surrender to whatever it is the Universe has planned for you. Trust that for whatever reason, the difficulties you are facing are there for a reason. Trust that what you are going through is part of the ultimate plan, and surrender to that, knowing that you will come out stronger, more resilient, and more grateful in the end. I accumulated a bunch of weird foot injuries recently (and also car issues) and I realized that literally every one of them (car issues included) were because I was not taking my time. I was not being present in the moment. I was either in a rush, or I was living in the moment directly in front of my current one. For example, I was going to put my hammock up in a tree, and on the walk to the tree, I was thinking about how I would put the hammock up once I got there. I wasn’t living in the present moment, I wasn’t aware of the current steps I was taking, but instead living in this future projected thought, and because of it, stepped funny and hurt my foot.
      Surrendering to the present moment, and Actually being present. I realize that if we are really living in the NOW, much of our worries dissolve. most of our stress comes from future projections, these “what if” scenerios that aren’t even real and it’s sort of crazy when you think about how much of our lives we live somewhere that doesn’t even exist, so much so we miss out on what’s right in front of us.
      So, I’ve been trying to surrender to the present moment and trust that, even with uncertainty, everything will work out exactly as it is supposed to, and it always does. It always does.

      I mean, if it’s part of the plan for me to injure my foot, it doesn’t matter how much I try to avoid it, how much I go about doing everything in my power to prevent a foot injury. It’s going to happen whether I like it or not but the attitude I chose to have over it and the way I learn from it, that’s completely up to me. Take power where you can have it and surrender to the rest.


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